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Organization is key! It is important to keep track of what orders you make on each Amazon account, especially when it comes to returns/refunds. So we would recommend using spreadsheets.


Below is an example of an order sheet that will be made available to you.

You can see each order has the Amazon account associated to it listed in column E.

It can also be used to help calculate gift card profit.

Orders SS sections1A .png
Amazon Accounts


Creating Amazon Accounts
Every Amazon account will need its own email address, each email address will need to be new and not previously used on Amazon. When Amazon prompt to add a mobile number choose to skip, no mobile number is needed when creating or using Amazon accounts.

To see a helpful guide on creating a new email address, please (
Click Here)

Essentially all you need is a name, an email address and a proxy, It's that simple and not difficult to create some random names. This process is time consuming but a more affordable option for tighter budgets.



Purchasing Amazon Accounts

Get in touch with The DS Company through the discord or via email if you would like to purchase already created aged UK Amazon accounts. They're supplied along with a Gmail or Yopmail address.


Account Health
Once you've decided your plan regarding Amazon accounts next you'll need to make a plan regarding proxies. Below are some important points on how to treat your new accounts to stay under Amazons radar, as Amazon will notice certain behavior which raises red flags.


  • Use the cookie robot before creating your Amazon accounts (Explained further on in the guide).

  • Create the new Amazon accounts on the allocated proxies.

  • With newly created Amazon Accounts build browsing history for 1-2 days before placing orders.

To Prime

To Prime Or Not To Prime?


If you only process orders which cost £20+ on Amazon you won't need to worry about Prime subscriptions as your orders will be entitled to free delivery and usually arrive within 3 days.

If you need your Amazon accounts to have an active Prime subscription to fulfill your lower priced orders or you wish to have the speedy next day delivery service, paying for each will be very expensive. One way to work around this is to have one Business Prime account subscription which you can invite all the other Amazon accounts to join. The subscription is approximately £91 per year and you can add as many Amazon accounts as you like.

If you've created a new Amazon account and you're not currently using the payment method for a Prime subscription already then you can trail Prime for 30 days for free then cancel, just remember to make a note of the renewal date.



Rayobyte are the providers we use as they offer competitive pricing for high quality proxies, free replacement proxies in case of an Amazon account closure and they offer outstanding customer service. Rayoobyte are one of the only sites to have a real human available to speak to on live chat.

Visiting their website from the link below will help The DS Company grow:

No matter the provider you choose all proxies usually fall into three categories:
Residential, ISP & Datacenter.

Residential proxies
Your account will identify as a user in a residential home, they're the most expensive and we've never used them as it's not a necessary expense.

ISP proxies
By definition, ISP proxies are closely associated with an internet service provider, but in fact, it's easier to see them as a combination of datacenter and residential proxies (Best of both worlds). They're affordable and we've had great success using them. Approximately 50% of our Amazon accounts are connected to ISP proxies.

Datacenter proxies
The clue is in the name, your account will identify as being used on a datacenter server which with websites like eBay is a problem, Amazon have never minded though. Datacenter are the cheapest option making them affordable for smaller budgets. The additional 50% of our accounts are connected to datacenter proxies.

We've had great success using ISP & Datacenter proxies! You will need to purchase one proxy per Amazon account, if you have any questions please reach out on the Discord or send us an email.

Payment Method

Payment Method

Before you begin using gift cards (On none established Amazon accounts) it's recommended you make 5-6 purchases on each Amazon account using a payment method.

The majority of dropshippers will have at least 1 bank account and 1 credit card, we can count these as 2 payment methods. If you have additional to this, then great! Figure out how many payment methods you can use then spread them out. Using a payment method as little as possible will result in greater success when starting this process.

When starting out it is really important to alternate payment methods effectively. Amazon does not like the same bank card being used for purchases across multiple accounts in short concession.

To emphasize on this
Amazon will flag an account if the same bank card is being used across multiple accounts when placing orders on them in a short concession.

They’ll send you an email asking you to verify the payment details “Due to suspicious activity” and 99% of the time you won’t hear back from them even when you send in all the documents needed. You’ll just be left with a locked account, if this does happen and you’ve placed an order your order will be refunded.

We advise you to use the same payment method for two orders in one day and have them spread out as far apart as possible, once in morning and once evening works well. Ideally the less you use the card in one day, the better so the more payment methods you have, the more you can spread the orders effectively.

Growing your Amazon accounts slowly reduces account closures and helps the overall health of your accounts.

To conclude

Work out how many orders you’re processing, then you’ll know how many Amazon accounts you’ll need.

Then split your payment methods evenly across all your Amazon accounts using them as less frequently as possible.

You'll achieve the greatest success by placing 1 order a day per account, using a payment method once a day.

When using your chosen payment method please make sure all billing details associated to that card are correct, name, address, contact number etc. We've experienced account closures when the informations been wrong.

Below is an example of an account management sheet that will be made available to you.

Amazon Accounts Manager.png
Gift Card Loading


Paying For Gift Cards


Disclaimer: You do not need to be a Crypto investor to deposit money, purchase crypto and withdrawal to a Crypto wallet.

Follow our very simple steps below on how to use Binance which is our recommended platform.

Our Binance referral is listed below, we have found after testing many platforms Binance is the cheapest to use overall.

If you already have a platform you’d like to use, double check the fees for depositing/sending Tether (TRC20), as it might eat into your profits.

Scan the QR code below to download the Binance app to your smart phone/device

Binance share.jpg

Or visit this link below on your laptop/desktop:

Head to Binance


Select Deposit


Open the Binance app to begin and then select the wallet icon,


Select GBP Pound Sterling

Binance charge a £1 Transaction fee


(This is a fixed rate)

You will be charged £1 each time you send payment through Binance.


Insert total desired amount you would like to deposit

In this case it will be £389 as we're purchasing £387 worth of gift cards

Taking into consideration Binance will deduct their
£1 transaction fee as mentioned in the previous step

Also, they'll charge ($0.80/£0.65p) later on. The £1 & (
$0.80/£0.65p) charges need to be added on to your depositing amount to cover the expense of using their platform

Rounding the total to


To summerise:

You will need to add £2 onto the total amount you wish to send as payment for you gift cards.

A really important point here is to make sure you copy your name and paste it into your reference on your banking app, this way Binance will know who sent the payment.


Select the grey symbol to copy the bank details you'll need to transfer the amount

Receiver name

Account Number

Sort Code

Reference - Your name (very important) So they know who sent the amount

An example of the details ready to send from the banking app


All important name in the reference

You'll receive a confirmation via text


& email

This is confirmation the money you sent from your bank account has now been received by Binance and has been successfully deposited into your Crypto wallet, ready to exchange into Crypto prior to sending it to The DS Company.

Open the Binance app and select the trade symbol


Select Buy

Select USDT TetherUS

This will be the Crypto you're purchasing from your Binance wallet balance


Enter the amount in GBP, in this case it's £388

Binance previously deducted £1 for their transaction fee

So it'll be the total amount you started with minus £1

Select Cash Balance as this is the channel you added to earlier

You'll see the amount you'll receive in


Double check there is £0 Transaction fee and continue

Purchase completed

Now you can view your wallet to see the total amount of USDT TetherUS you've just purchased


From your wallet select withdrawal

Select Crypto


Select USDT TetherUS

Copy our Gift Card suppliers wallet ID from your Gift card loading spreadsheet


Paste our Gift Card suppliers wallet ID into Address

Select Network

(This step is VERY important)
Please select the correct network.


Select Tron (TRC20)

This is very important so the correct crypto network is sent

Select MAX to send all the Tether USDT you deposited earlier


Check all details are correct

As mentioned: The network must be
Tron (TRC20) 

Here is the network fee of $0.80 as previously mentioned. It works out to be approximately £0.65p


Verify it's you


Withdrawal Successful!


  • Work out how many gift cards you need

  • Add the total amount together

  • Discount the total amount by 10% which equals how much you'll pay

  • For example you'll pay £450 for £500 worth of gift cards

  • To start add £2 (For fees) 

  • Deposit £452 into your Binance wallet from your bank account

  • Binance will charge £1 leaving you with £451 in your Binance wallet

  • Buy £451 worth of USDT TetherUS 

  • No fees charged by Binance for purchasing the Crypto

  • You will now have the amount you purchased converted to dollars ready to send

  • Plus the extra £1 included for the $0.80 sending fee

  • Enter The DS Companies gift card suppliers wallet details

  • Send the total amount

  • Done! 


Working With Gift Cards


Now we've explained how to set up your Amazon accounts, the Multilogin software and proxies, now you'll be ready to start placing orders - good job!

Once you've placed 5-6 orders using your payment method on a new Amazon account it'll be ready to have gift cards loaded. You can start loading gift cards onto Amazon accounts you already have buying history on straight away, just follow the steps below:

Gift cards available £25/£50/£100/£150 

When loading gift cards onto old/new Amazon accounts it is advised you take these steps.

  • 1st load = £25 GC

  • 2nd load = £50 GC

  • 3rd load = £50 GC

  • 4th load = £100 GC

  • Only load the next advised amount once the previous has been spent

  • Once you have spent the £100 GC, all future loads can be £100/£150 GC's

  • Place 1 order using the saved payment method after each 4th GC load.

Loading too much too soon can raise red flags so these steps are put in place to grow the account slowly.

Quick tip: It's always good to try spend the gift cards before loading more.

Software Setup

Software Setup

MultiLogin Discount Code: TPDSMC

Use our code upon checkout for 50% OFF your first months subscription

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3



Now you have read through our step by step guide we hope you have an understanding on how to run multiple Amazon accounts safely, avoiding warnings and bans.

We look forward to seeing your results and as always if you have any questions drop us a message in the Discord and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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