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Getting Started

Getting Started

Our rule to success is you process 1 order per Amazon account per day. Depending on how many orders you think you’ll process each day depends on how many Amazon accounts you’ll need. Don’t worry - we will explain how to purchase aged Amazon accounts from us or easily create new accounts yourself.


This guide will show you how to manage up to 100 Amazon accounts easily, so even if you want to process 100 orders a day - it’s no problem!

Once you're established and your Amazon accounts are in good standing you can then start putting through 2-3 orders a day per Amazon account.

Next we’ll introduce Proxies!

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Some of you might not have heard of proxies before?

Basically when you visit a site like Amazon they will be able to see your IP address. A proxy is something you use to disguise your IP address. So each Amazon account will need its own private proxy.

This is important when using multiple Amazon accounts as proxies prevent them from being linked. Which brings me onto the next point - the software you need to download to manage all of your Amazon accounts from one convenient place.

Managing Software

Managing Software

The software we'll introduce is an interface which allows you to use multiple browsers all from one place conveniently and safely.


It’s so straightforward to operate, at a click of a button you can open and close as many Amazon accounts as you like.


The browser windows will always be where you left off, meaning you don’t need to constantly log in and out of accounts.

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Amazon Accounts

Amazon Accounts

You can create your own Amazon accounts and we'll advice on the best way to do so. The DS Company do offer aged Amazon accounts for sale which are 5+ years old and come with an email address provided. Which you can start ordering from straight away.


Both great options just depend on your budget and time.


If you already have 1 or more established Amazon accounts that is great. You can add your already established accounts to the list on the managing software and start processing one order a day using them. We would advise you only include established accounts which haven't received a warning/ban from Amazon. You can start using gift cards on established accounts a lot sooner as they already have buying history. Don't forget you'll need a proxy for each Amazon account you use on the software.

Gift Cards
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Discounted Gift Cards

Now you might be wondering what payment method is used to process all of your orders across the different Amazon accounts - good point.


So this is where we introduce to you - discounted gift cards. They have been used in the Drop Shipping industry for years.


Now you are welcome to use them as the DS Company has an allocated specialist who provides 10% discounted gift cards upon order.


Meaning when you purchase a £100 Gift Card you’ll save 10%, therefore you’ll only pay £90.


So £100 will be loaded onto your account for you to spend and you’ll make £10 profit before you even purchase your order from Amazon.


This is where profits can really skyrocket, this isn’t just a work around - it is a whole new twist on your dropshipping business.


Intro Conclusion

In a nut shell this work around prevents users from receiving a warning/ban email from Amazon by providing precautionary measures while boosting profits. It's advised to keep orders to a minimum on each Amazon account - so 1 order per account, per day until they're established enough so you can then put through 2-3 orders per account daily.


You need to use proxies to keep your accounts separated on the managing software.


You now have access to discounted gift cards to prevent over using your payment methods. Saving yourself £10 on every £100 you spend massively adds up at the end of the month.


If you have any concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the discord group or send us an email. Next in our guide are the details on how to get started.

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